top 5 blogs of 2015

Nik Penhale Smith

Which of our HR blogs was the most read in 2015?

The top 5 most read HR blogs of 2015

1. HR’s role in employee engagement

What role do HR have in helping organisations create higher employee engagement and commitment?  Read more »


2. The 8 secrets to enhancing employee engagement

How can HR demonstrate their true added value as business partners, and help drive employee engagement and commitment across every organisational level?  Read more »

3. The key role of HR in employee surveys

In order to create maximum impact from employee surveys, HR has a key role in both facilitating and communicating the survey process, as well as ensuring that the relevant insights are shared transparently.   Read more»

4. CEOs and employee engagement: why the two need each other

New research reveals that CEOs have an invaluable role to play in employees’ engagement. Read more »

5. How managers can create higher engagement levels

Discover the three key areas that managers can focus on to create higher levels of employee engagement and commitment. Read more »


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