Updates to our Privacy Policy

We’re sure you didn’t miss the GDPR memo, and we’re looking forward to seeing other topics in our news feeds too. But we do want you to show you how we are furthering our ongoing commitment to data protection. Here is a quick summary of our recent data policy changes.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy has been updated to include details on data processing practices. For clarity, we have divided the privacy statement into different sections with explanations about the data we gather and how we use this data. We have added more information about your rights, for example how to access your data and how you can request that we no longer use your data. 

The regulation places new obligations on organizations that process personal data. Effectory has taken active steps to abide by the new requirements.

If you have questions about your personal details or need instructions on how to view or delete your stored data, please contact our support department via +31 20 30 50 104 or inquiries@effectory.com