What is the return on investment of Employee Listening?

Guido Heezen

Nobody would be shocked to learn that engaged and committed employees make a huge difference. Enthusiastic employees perform up to three times better than unenthusiastic colleagues with the same position and salary.

What is the return on investment of Employee Listening?

Someone who is enthusiastic about their employer and completely dedicated to their work is going to be more productive, more creative and more customer-friendly. This also makes them less likely to be absent or look for a new job.

The business case for Employee Listening

Yet, for years, our consultants have been asked what exactly is the return on investment of Employee Listening. What benefits do flexible employee surveys bring in relation to the costs? Thanks to their training and experience, HR managers understand very well that listening to your employees is a win-win situation. They just want to be able to make a clear business case for Employee Listening before advising their management to set up a listening landscape.

I am pleased and proud that we can now respond to that wish. With the ROI calculator, you can calculate the financial return of employee surveys within your own organization online in minutes. 

Better use of employee potential


By using employee feedback to improve your organization, you add value at every stage of their employment, from onboarding to retirement. These effects are substantiated by social scientists. They are also evident from our own analyses. Our data analysts have now incorporated these connections into the model behind the ROI calculator. It shows what the financial result would be if you were to succeed in making better use of your employees’ potential through employee surveys.

Calculate the ROI of Employee Listening for your organization

From our clients’ experience, we see that Employee Engagement has a clear impact on the organizations’ ROI (return on investment).

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You’ll make your money back in no time

Once you have entered some raw data about your organization, the calculator immediately shows you a rough estimate of the ratio between investments and returns from employee surveys.


You will see that you will quickly recoup your investment. All you have to do is make a little better use of the input and potential of your employees. This makes sense when you think about the enormous financial impact you would get if you could retain employees for one month longer on average. Or if absenteeism were to decrease by just one percent. Or what would happen if customers were greeted by an energetic employee instead of an exhausted one.

Listening carefully to employees and using this information therefore pays for itself very quickly. You can also see what the case would be if you were to use 10, 25 or 100% of the extra potential. In the latter case, the results of your organization would be in line with those of a ‘World-class Workplace‘.


Customized ROI for your organization

Because your organization is not the same as the next, you can easily refine the initial results. For example, you can indicate what your current or estimated level of commitment or productivity is. You can provide figures about employee turnover and absenteeism. Or adjust the average length of time before a new vacancy is filled or until someone is trained. You can tweak all the calculator input until the results are completely tailored to your organization. You can then download the analysis as a report. In this report you will immediately find suggestions for setting up your listening landscape.

Additional positive effects

The calculator is conservative and not all possible effects are included. In addition to the clear productivity gains, the attractiveness as an employer, less absenteeism, lower employee turnover and the speed with which people are trained, more committed employees will, for example, also look after each other and things better. This automatically reduces all kinds of safety risks, which is particularly relevant in construction where you do not want people falling from scaffolding.

It also plays a role in the financial or services sector, for example, where you want to avoid data leaks. This also reduces corporate theft for instance. All of these indirect extra benefits that are generated by being a good employer can be regarded as positive by-products.

Total Economic Impact™  Of  Employee Listening

Effectory commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) of Employee Listening


Infectious enthusiasm

The calculator shows the effect per year. However, a flywheel effect is triggered. After the first year, the benefits will continue to increase. The more people within your organization are performing well with a positive mindset, the more will follow.

Just imagine: If a new employee is welcomed into a positive organizational culture with great vibes and employees who are very customer-focused, it is quite difficult not to join in. Think of it like a dance floor. If everyone is dancing and you are standing there, you can choose to either leave the room or join in the dancing. Both are fine.

Let go of the figures too

It is actually not ideal to express everything in figures, of course. And you certainly shouldn’t cling relentlessly to the desire to achieve 100% of the figures that the ROI calculator calculates for your organization. This is an impossible task. If you make just 10% better use of employee potential, then that will already produce a huge positive effect. Including financially. And the great thing is: 10% in a year is more than achievable. Don’t be too impatient and have confidence in all the positive effects and the flywheel effect that will happen.

More progress every year

Because increasing the level of engagement, commitment and productivity within your organization leads to that flywheel that strengthens itself year after year, the ROI calculator shows what our customers already know: how important it is to continuously improve your organization based on feedback from your employees. This allows you to react quickly to any new developments, stay a few steps ahead of the competition every year and build up a decisive lead over time.

The benefits of measuring employee engagement

Calculate the ROI of Employee Listening for your organization

From our clients’ experience, we see that Employee Engagement has a clear impact on the organizations’ ROI (return on investment).

calculate yours!