The human touch in HR tech: Inside the mind of Effectory’s People & Culture Lead

Meet Kerstin Schrader, Effectory's new People & Culture Lead. Explore how she blends HR expertise with a human touch, fostering a unique workplace culture.

Iulia Bogyo

New year, new address: Effectory HQ moves to Rokin 16 in Amsterdam

Effectory HQ moves to a new office at Rokin 16, in Amsterdam. This move is a significant leap towards sustainability and celebrates our full transition into SaaS.

Sophie Corlay

Allyship Uncovered: How Your Actions Shape a Better Workplace

Have you ever found yourself in a scenario at work where you advocated for a colleague? That’s allyship in action. But what does it really mean? In this article, we explore the essence of allyship.

Sandhya Subbammal

Celebrating the 2022-2023 World-class Workplace Award Winners in Amsterdam on April 20

Join us as we honor the organizations that have earned the 2022 World-class Workplace label for their exceptional commitment to their employees. These companies have not only met but exceeded our 2022 global and industry benchmarks for Employership, Employee Engagement, Enablement, and eNPS.

Anna Eliseeva

15 steps to ignite a feedback culture in your organization. Part 2: Effectory Case Study

At Effectory, giving and receiving feedback is an integral part of our culture. In a conversation with CEO Christian de Waard and Chief Strategy Officer Don Griffioen, we pieced together the story of Effectory's feedback culture and how we’ve built it.

Anna Eliseeva

Ignite a Feedback Culture in Your Organization. Part 1: The Building Blocks  

The seven building blocks of a robust feedback culture and why having a feedback culture is so important for your organization.

Anna Eliseeva

The 5 main reasons people leave their jobs – and how to retain them 

Given the cost when an employee takes the exit, organizations need to retain employees by keeping them engaged. 

Christian de Waard

Mitigate risks to digitalization using employee feedback

Digitalization is a common form of change taking place. Here's how employee feedback can help mitigate the risks to successful digitalization.

Klaus Konrad

From Boomers to Zoomers: managing different generations in the workplace

From Boomers to Zoomers: How to make working with Gen X, Y and Z as easy as ABC

Nicholas Burman

The importance of company values

Company values are the leading principles of an organization. These ideals are the binding factor between the organization and its employees.

Arjen Swank