Employee turnover

The emotional and economic costs of overlooking wellbeing in the workplace 

What is driving this rapid increase in workplace stress, and more importantly, how can we tackle it in our organizations? 

Daniela Pleiner

What is employee retention? Everything you need to know

Thanks to the costs associated with high turnover and the ongoing war on talent, retention is a big topic, and HR is crucial to business meeting this challenge.

Iulia Bogyo

Retention Reality Check: What Makes Employees Stay or Leave Your Organization?  

Find out how to identify and tackle the core reasons why employees leave your organization.

Tom Sjamaar

How Employee Surveys can Help You get More Investors on Board: Unlocking the Benefits of an Engaged Workforce  

7 employee stats you should be measuring and presenting in your next investor pitch.

Anna Eliseeva

The return on investment of employee feedback & engagement: a success story

How Effectory’s continuous listening landscape drives profit, talent retention, and engagement - Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ report on employee listening

Marlies Pellikaan

How to use people analytics in your HR strategy

In this article you will learn what is People Analytics and What are the 5 steps to build a people analytics strategy.

Alexander Pietrus

Hybrid work is the key to your success

Effectory’s new whitepaper describes all the benefits of part-time remote working

Marlies Pellikaan

Benefits of employee engagement

Why employee engagement is so important? In this article we explain all the benefits of employee engagement and engagement surveys!

Floor Lewin

There’s a magic formula to increase employee retention by 22 percent

Employee turnover is 22 percent lower than average in organizations where employees are engaged. In addition, performance increases by 26 percent.

Marlies Pellikaan

Employee turnover

For companies with satisfied employees, employee turnover is seldom a problem. Read on for 5 tips against unnecessary costs caused by high employee turnover.

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