Embracing Agility: Leadership in the 21st Century

Explore the role of agile leadership in the 21st century, and learn how adopting a modern mindset and active listening can drive organizational success.

Remco Buil

15 steps to ignite a feedback culture in your organization. Part 2: Effectory Case Study

At Effectory, giving and receiving feedback is an integral part of our culture. In a conversation with CEO Christian de Waard and Chief Strategy Officer Don Griffioen, we pieced together the story of Effectory's feedback culture and how we’ve built it.

Anna Eliseeva

The Impact of Good Hybrid Leadership on Organizational Success

In this article, we'll explore what good hybrid leadership looks like and why it matters for modern businesses.

Anna Eliseeva

Five key insights for talent management

What can you do to attract, inspire, retain and help to grow talent? And how do you create a high-performance culture?

Marlies Pellikaan

From Boomers to Zoomers: managing different generations in the workplace

From Boomers to Zoomers: How to make working with Gen X, Y and Z as easy as ABC

Nicholas Burman

5 hot topics for HR and business in 2022

Here’s five challenges HR and organizations need to prepare for and overcome during the coming months.

Marlies Pellikaan

Ready for the future with inspiring leadership

How can you prepare your organization for the future? According to Richard Sutton (Health Performance Speaker), you need inspiring leadership.

Marlies Pellikaan

Leadership is listening

What is the job of a manager during the coronavirus crisis?

Guido Heezen

Team management: how to setup for success

In team management if you continuously demonstrate the behavior and attitude you want your team to represent, you can expect them to follow suit.

Arjen Swank

The new normal: What it looks like for your organization

COVID-19 is changing the world. Even the working world. Whereas some companies are struggling, others are currently making huge strides forward.

Marlies Pellikaan