Achieving the best performance with your employees

Arne Barends

Do you ever wonder whether you have the right people on board? Whether you utilize your employees’ full potential? Or whether your organization would perform even better if your employees went that little bit further?

Achieving the best performance with your employees

Years of experience have shown that a successful organization is founded on its employees. Satisfaction is always regarded as the foremost factor driving employees. Many organizations also conduct periodic satisfaction surveys to find out whether employees are satisfied with the working environment that has been created for them.

Do you get the best performance out of your employees?

But is it enough to know what your employees think of you? Isn’t it just as important to know what your employees will do about it? Their attitude towards your organization and what they contribute? Do you get the most out of your employees? Are they the drivers behind your performance? What kind of world is hiding behind your organization and the departments? 

Good employer and good employee

Since the beginning of 2005 we have delved into the theory and the practice, weighing and measuring the themes that play a role for organizations and HR managers. We then sifted through all the data gathered to arrive at the variables that give an in-depth picture of what we term good employer and good employee. We have studied the connection between these variables on many occasions, and this has resulted in the model that provides an insight into your organization’s performance: the Employee Survey.

Free handbook: Achieving excellence with your employees

Achieving excellence with your employees is a practical handbook of approximately 80 pages that provides insights into all HR variables that are important…


Impact on organizational performance

To be able to improve as an organization, one needs to know what is going on where and to what extent it has an impact on organizational performance. Where one team may face problems involving motivation, others may have problems with employee turnover or efficiency. Problems occur locally within most organizations, and thus need to be addressed locally as well. But, to be able to address any problems succinctly it is vital to know which problems occur where. Making certain that each manager knows whether his or her team has a problem with e.g. employee commitment, customer orientation or any of the other variables. That way, the manager is able to take action and address problems directly.

Insight into HR variables, as employee engagement

“Achieving Excellence with your Employees” is the result of all these hours of research. It is a practical reference book that gives you an insight into the HR variables (including employee engagement) which are most important for the performance of your organization. I would really encourage you to read the whole book as it will give you a complete overview of how to diagnose your organization (without forgetting one or two important variables) and how you can improve your organization without incurring significant costs. Reason being, after gaining this knowledge you know exactly where to tweak the process, how to develop as an organization, and how to improve leadership.

Achieving excellence with your employees

It is true to say that the external success of every organization is the result of its internal success. After all, your employees are the engine of your organization, aren’t they? They keep the engine running. If the engine is well oiled, it runs smoothly and efficiently. If the correct oil is missing, the engine rattles, bangs and parts stop working, until the lack of care and attention results in a complete breakdown. You are this oil!

Your employees make the difference in your organization, but you make the difference for your employees. It is the interaction between employer and employee that guarantees your success. 

Employee survey

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