Choose actual impact over free data

Christian de Waard

You are probably familiar with them: (free) online surveys that can help you carry out employee research. They allow you to create your own questionnaire, send it to the entire company, and receive the results – and all within the blink of an eye and without breaking a sweat. Doesn’t that just sound too good to be true? It does, and it is. In order to really use employee surveys to the advantage of your organization, and for such figures to actually lead to improvements, you need more.

Choose actual impact over free data

Data or people?

You want to find out what processes need to be fine-tuned or perhaps redesigned. Your employees hold the answer to questions such as: where can we improve? If you were to use an online tool to ask all employees this question at the same time, you would receive loads of answers all at once. But what if you could ask different teams and departments for specific input? Each team, each department has their own needs and their own characteristics. We would gladly help you identify and meet those needs. As an organization that is specialized in employee surveys, we will provide you with advice on how to segment your research groups, as well as the means to ask them questions accordingly, and let you decide on both the timing and the topics. Quite useful, if you ask us!

Whitepaper: 7 Tips for your employee survey

Download this whitepaper and receive 7 tips to think about before starting your next employee survey, as well as tricks to avoid common pitfalls.


Just some numbers or actionable insights?

Imagine the follow: research shows that your organization scores a 5.9 on rewards and a 7.0 on engagement. You might think; that 5.9 needs some working on, but the 7.0 is quite good. Unfortunately, you do not realize that the average score for rewards in your country is a 5.9, but the average for engagement is a 7.4. Without a benchmark to help, you are at risk of drawing the wrong conclusions. Luckily, at Effectory we have a large benchmark covering 56 countries. This benchmark is divided into different industries, and it is updated every month! This means you are always working with the right numbers, to get the best results.

Moving forward or standing still?

After collecting your results, we can imagine you want to aim for the stars, and start your improvement process! We are happy to help you with that too. One way to start is by using My Effectory; an online platform that can be used to schedule to-do’s, save interesting results and decide on specific and appropriate follow-up activities. Are you looking for assistance? Our trainers are here to help. They provide you with hands-on workshops to, for instance, create an action plan together. In just half a day, our trainer will help you overcome bottlenecks and go from collecting data to taking action and making an impact!

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