Collecting feedback from a survey? Here are some practical tips!

Marlies Pellikaan

Thinking about all the ways to get employee feedback? You won’t have to look far for the best ideas on how to improve your organisation. Are you looking for the best and most effective ways to do so? Then it’s important to be well prepared before you get started. We would like to share some practical points to make sure you successfully gather employee feedback.

Soliciting feedback from employees comes with the price of anonymity

Honest employee feedback, often comes with the price of anonymity. Ensuring the anonymity of your respondents is one of the best ways to get feedback you can use. You’ll want everyone to feel free to give their honest feedback, and not feel the pressure to give socially acceptable answers. This is a sensitive issue in many employee surveys that we perform, although it is extremely important. Pay close attention to anonymity, make sure it’s an option, and likely you’ll get a high response rate, with honest and valuable feedback.

How to gather feedback from your employees

The step-by-step guide to creating your employee engagement survey.


Answer options

How will employees’ answer the questions? Are questions rated from 1-10, or on a four or five-point scale, or even yes/no answers? Professional agencies are increasingly working with playful online variants, building on creative and fun ways to get employee feedback, to make sure respondents enjoy the process. For example, in our surveys you can move an interactive button on a scale, click on an icon that best represents your choice or customise a smiley based on how respondent’s feel. Don’t let giving feedback become a boring chore, make it fun!

Validity as an employee feedback method

It’s important to ask validated questions. Validated questions have a set purpose, that will help you to understand what you need to measure. Questions that have been properly formulated, and are not capable for misinterpretation. Because validity is complex, many times organisations will find it more efficient to use an existing, tested question set. Then you can trust that you’re asking the right questions. However, don’t let validity get in the way of asking the questions you need answers to. Look for examples questions, and come up with a set that can be easily incorporated into an employee survey or questionnaire for further customisation and insights. 

Whitepaper: 7 Tips for your employee survey

Download this whitepaper and receive 7 tips to think about before starting your next employee survey, as well as tricks to avoid common pitfalls.


Open Questions

Sometimes respondents want to give their two cents and elaborate on questions. Let them give their honest opinion on topics with open questions. The main advantage of this is all the additional information you get. But we suggest limiting the number of open questions. Typically, one open ended question can be provided at the end. It’s always fun to read opinion and can lead to effective responses!

Attractive design

Sometimes when an employee receives their survey, they’re a bit reluctant to participate. This can be because the survey can come across as boring. Visual design is so important to help make participating in surveys more enticing. Keep survey design consistent with your brand identity. It reinforces the dedication to the company alignment, with increases response rate significantly. An online survey can easily facilitate this, and have options for customisation, gamification, functional and interactive design.

Need more help on how to ask employees for feedback?

Make sure you consider the above tips before starting your survey. If you’re looking for more help, check out our free survey checklist – or drop us a line. We’re happy to help!

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