Employee engagement and commitment is on the rise

As the release of our 2013/14 Global Employee Engagement Index™ report approaches, careful review of the findings reveals that the percentage of employees that are engaged and committed has risen significantly.

A 20% increase

Analysis of the latest results from our global employee survey, the Global Employee Engagement Index™, shows positive news for organisations and for professionals in HR. After careful review and comparisons, the latest results show that compared with the last survey conducted in 2011/12, employee engagement and commitment has risen by 20%.

The results from our previous global survey revealed that the percentage of employees that were engaged and committed was 25%. In comparison, the latest global survey results reveal that the percentage of employees that are committed and engaged has increased to 30%. 

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The good news continues

In addition to the 20% increase in employees that are both engaged and committed, there was also a decrease in the number of employees intending to leave their organisation. Results show that from our last global survey, the percentage of employees wanting to leave their respective organisations has fallen by 0.5%.

As you would furthermore expect, the percentage of employees that were not engaged and committed has also decreased. In total, the results show that overall there was a fall of around 6% in the number of employees not engaged and committed.

New global report reveals good news for HR and international organisations

Generally speaking, the overall analysis of the data also revealed that over the last 12 months or so employees are becoming more positive about their work. Of the 17 key HR themes that we measured in our global survey, we witnessed increases of varying degrees in each theme. Although the changes varied from region to region, such general increases are certainly cause for celebration by employers and emlpoyees across the world.

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