Employee Engagement Surveys 3.0 with My Effectory

Anne Messchaert

We are excited to share our most recent innovations and updates to the Effectory platform and our employee engagement survey tools with you! This month we highlight the release of My Effectory where you can start, monitor and analyze all your employee feedback surveys online on a single platform.

Employee Engagement Surveys 3.0 with My Effectory

Improved survey platform

With My Effectory, we offer you a single platform for all your feedback tools. You log in just once and can view all the information available regarding surveys across your team, unit or entire organization in a clear overview. For example, you determine planning, check response rates, analyze real-time results and update your action plan. My Effectory is your starting point for new surveys, but you can also view previous surveys. This can help you spot interesting trends and benchmark results over time.

Before your employee survey

If you inform us which goals you would like to achieve, we can help customize your survey and set up My Effectory for you. You decide about the content, target audience and timing and we’ll assist with getting everything in place. For example, you can choose to receive company-wide feedback once a year (although we suggest more frequent surveying is more effective), several times a year with short questionnaires or be completely flexible with surveying when you need on the topics you want to explore. You can let teams decide for themselves when to give feedback for which content. You’ll find all these options and more in My Effectory.

During the survey

Our consultants and project teams offer support during the survey to ensure a smooth and efficient process. During this phase you’ll have 24/7 insight into the survey trajectory via My Effectory. All planning, files and responses will also be available from here.

After the survey

This is the most important step! Gaining direct insight into individual results is a great start, but the real impact is made when you implement changes based on the results you gather. We will ensure that you can follow all results at a team and organisational level within a week on My Effectory, including tips and tricks to create a concrete action plan. Would you like some help with this? Our trainers are ready to get you started.