Feedback Kills Sexism at Work

Bronwyn Wainwright

Amsterdam, 8 March 2018 ~ A staggering 37% of women find it difficult to give feedback to their colleagues, while 47% report struggling to give feedback to their direct superior, reveals the soon-to-be-published 4th Global Employee Engagement Index. “It’s time to give your employees a voice in the fight against gender inequality,” says Amsterdam-based employee engagement expert, Axel Schiphof on International Women’s Day.

Feedback Kills Sexism at Work

Today heralds the continued fight for women’s rights. “Sparing 24 hours for equality isn’t enough,” says Schiphof, who is a consultant at Effectory, a leading provider of employee feedback solutions to multinational organizations.

“From patriarchal definitions of success to pay disparities, women continue to experience sexism in subtle and not-so-subtle ways at work.”

Which way are we headed?

According to the World Economic Forum, it could take another 100 years to close gender equality gap entirely. In the UK for example, the gender pay gap fell to a record low in 2017, but on average women still earn 9% less than men. In The Netherlands, things seem to be heading back to the stone age as the nation dropped 16 places on the World Economic Forum’s annual gender equality ranking to 32nd place last year.

It’s time to turn things around and kill sexism in the workplace. So, what can your organization do to foster equality among your employees?

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Frustrated that he still walks into male-dominated boardrooms when it comes to discussing employee engagement, Schiphof contends: “A sneak peek at the upcoming 4th Global Employee Engagement Index shows that organizations are attaining gender equality to some extent, but work still needs be done.”

Close the gap

“The percentage of women in your organization is the percentage of employees not empowered to work as successfully as the rest,” he adds. “That’s throwing a lot of talent out the window.” One way to close the gap is to give your employees a voice using a secure channel, which not only empowers women to raise concernsbut also to gives organizations the opportunity to tap into this wealth of talent. 

By implementing feedback solutions, much can be done to deal with discrepancies that undermine gender equality as well to foster a more motivated and productive culture. Read more from Axel Schiphof about this topic.

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