How do employees in the UK view their work?

Nik Penhale Smith

Looking back at 2013, the UK’s year was full of numerous stories that gained international attention. As a nation, the UK said goodbye to several prominent figures as Margaret Thatcher passed away 1, Sir Alex Ferguson (finally) retired as manager of Manchester United 2 and, the iconic tax disk will, unfortunately no longer be a main stay in car windows 3. In contrast to this, the UK also enjoyed happier news as they welcomed a new heir to the world 4, and celebrated the 50th anniversary of everybody’s favourite Doctor (Who) 5.

In economic news, 2013 is forecast to be a positive year for the UK. The European Commission forecasts that the UK will show a significant increase in GDP, and, will show a slight decrease in unemployment rate 6. Although these statistics paint a relatively positive picture of the UK, they say very little about how individual people felt about their work in 2013.

So in a year of goodbyes and celebrations, how did employees in the UK feel about their work in comparison to their European colleagues?

Some of the preliminary findings on how employees in the UK viewed their work, workload and working conditions can be found below. If you are interested in further insights please sign up for our forthcoming report, where in addition to further insights, you will also be able to see levels of employee engagement and employee commitment for 52 different countries.

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  • Results from our survey show that a significant number of employees in the UK responded negatively to questions relating to the enjoyment and meaning of their work.
  • In comparison with their European counterparts, employees in the UK enjoyed taking on new challenges.


  • Our research shows that there is a high variance in how employees felt about their workload and, in how people felt about their fitness and health.
  • Employees in the UK indicated that they were more than able to manage their own time and could emotionally handle their work.

Working conditions:

  • UK employees responded very positively to how safe they felt whilst carrying out their work, and to how clearly health and safety regulations were communicated.
  • Results show a high a variance in how people felt in terms of their ability to concentrate at work, and how satisfied people were with their working hours.
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6 European Commission Autumn forecast 2013.

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