Listen to build for the future

Marlies Pellikaan

60 per cent of employees say that the traditional nine to five no longer works for them as they try to balance life in and out of work, so is it time for change?

Listen to build for the future

The Future of Employee Experience special report

The Future of Employee Experience special report, published in The Times, looks at the changing nature of our future working lives, the concept of being employed, and the reasons why we’re sick of video calls.

It explores turning customers into activists in an interview with US Ben & Jerry’s activism manager, Jabari Paul. It examines the handling, and mishandling, of lockdown redundancies from the employee’s perspective. Also featured is an infographic on ditching the nine to five and making the case for a four-day work week.

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Listen to build for the future

The report features an article from Arjen Swank, Employee Engagament specialist at Effectory. He explains why organisations need to nurture a listening culture to harness their employees’ trust, energy and creativity to weather the current storm. The past few months have been difficult on a range of levels. But now the world is opening up for business again, what can you do to ensure your employees are motivated and energised to capture the different opportunities that lie ahead? Download your free copy of this special report.

Report: Future of Employee Experience

Download this special report about The Future of Employee Experience, as published in The Times.