One third of the employees worldwide are engaged and committed

Suzanne Mancini

A recent study by Effectory revealed that on average 29% of the employee worldwide are engaged and committed in the workplace. In Europe, that percentage is slightly lower: 27%. The differences are notable between continents and countries.

One third of the employees worldwide are engaged and committed

This data was derived from the Global Employee Engagement Index from Effectory, a large-scale survey conducted by employees across 54 global economies. The levels of engagement have increased over recent years, and the number of engaged and committed employees is now 3.5% higher than in 2014.

Continental scores

Africa, North America and South America score the highest of all the continents, 39% of the employees surveyed are engaged and committed in their work. In Europe, Asia and Oceania, the scored are below the average. Engaged and committed employees average at 27% in Europe, 26% in Oceania and 25% in Asia.

Big differences between countries

There are exceptional differences between countries. Especially notable in Asia. For example, in Japan, only 1 of every 10 employees are engaged and committed, and 15% in Singapore. When compared with other countries in the region, where both India and Thailand score 48% in employee engagement and commitment.

Within Europe, the differences are less extreme. In Scandinavia, the average level of engaged and committed employees are on par, at 29%. In France and Belgium, scores are just below average at 24% and 23% respectively. In the Netherlands, the score is above global average at 31%, which is comparable with Southern and Eastern Europe who also on average score 31%.

Global Employee Engagement Index™

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What stimulates employee engagement and commitment?

Engaged and committed employees are more productive and customer friendly. They are less likely to leave your organisation,” explains Guido Heezen, director and founder at Effectory. “Equally important is that engaged employees are more innovative. This provides a lot of added value to your organisation. For example, organisations with engaged and committed employees also achieve more flexibility and profitability. They’re ready for the future.

The week of engagement

Effectory is a proud ambassador of the “Week van de Bevlogenheid” a Dutch initiative where workplace engagement is celebrated in the Netherlands. Our aim is for 80% of the working population in the Netherlands to experience workplace engagement by 2025. 

About Effectory

Based in Amsterdam, Effectory is Europe’s largest independent employee survey provider, with over 20 years of experience in helping organisations become sustainably successful. We believe the key to sustainable success, is through gathering and listening to employee feedback. To facilitate this, we offer a variety of feedback tools which enable companies to learn from their employees and improve from within. In 2016, Effectory conducted over 600 employee surveys globally, with +1.5 million respondents in over 40 languages. Effectory is mission-driven, and we pride ourselves in having engaged, passionate employees with a very open, honest and trusting working culture.