Benchmarks for People Analytics and Employee Engagement 

How to use benchmarks strategically and effectively in your employee listening strategy.

Arjen Swank

Mitigate risks to digitalization using employee feedback

Digitalization is a common form of change taking place. Here's how employee feedback can help mitigate the risks to successful digitalization.

Klaus Konrad

Which benchmark should you use in your employee survey?

Using the right benchmark in your employee survey is a vital step in creating the necessary insights for action and impact. 

Josje Hoek

No more comparing apples to oranges

Without a benchmark, you are at risk of drawing the wrong conclusions, which is a waste of all the feedback you received. Let's prevent this!

Annette Capelle

One third of the employees worldwide are engaged and committed

A recent global study by Effectory revealed that on average 29% of the employee worldwide are engaged and committed in the workplace. Read more...

Suzanne Mancini

Beware when comparing yourself to global competitors

Competitor and industry benchmarks in global employee surveys aren’t always what you think they are. 

Arjen Swank

What’s behind the trend to benchmark survey results internally?

Discover why HR and an increasing number of organisations are opting to use internal benchmarking in their employee surveys.

Josje Hoek


Once you receive the results of your employee survey, it is important to be able to put them into perspective.

Josje Hoek


An employee survey conducted solely among Bruna shop staff proved to be a great success. Effectory then applied the new functional benchmark for retail...