Productivity survey

A productive organisation is essential for excellence in performance. Is your company performing to the best of its abilities? Are your employees willing and able to contribute to its success?

A continual increase in productivity is necessary for organisations to remain competitive.

If your production costs are too high, you will lose ground to competitors who limit their costs through more efficient working methodology or by operating in lower wage regions.

Productivity of your employees

The Effectory employee survey gives you a clear picture of the productivity of your employees. We link the employee engagement scores to the assessment of efficiency, effectiveness and customer orientation within your organisation, giving you the tools to see how you and your employees are performing, and where you can improve.

You will see, step by step, how your employees influence your overall organisational performance. We clarify elements such as satisfaction, employee commitment, motivation, engagement, loyalty, absenteeism and turnover intention of your employees.

Apart from the methodological basis of the survey, we pay a lot of attention to how the results will be used within your organisation. You will receive the most important management information available in a clear-cut manner that is ready for use.

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