Employee engagement versus employee commitment

At Effectory, we’re often asked to explain the difference between employee engagement and employee commitment. Engagement is an intrinsic attitude that denotes an employee’s enthusiasm for his or her job. Commitment, on the other hand, denotes an employee’s enthusiasm for the company he or she works for.

Employee engagement versus employee commitment | Effectory

Types of engagement and commitment

To provide insight into the level of engagement and commitment within an organization, we categorise employees into four types: engaged and committed, engaged, committed and neither engaged nor committed. The four types differ in the following way:

  • Engaged and committed employees are both engaged in their work and committed to the organiztion. Employees love their work and the company they work for.
  • Engaged employees are engaged in their work, but not committed to the organization.
  • Committed employees are committed to the organization, but not engaged in their work.
  • Employees that are neither engaged nor committed are neither engaged in their work, nor committed to the organization.

We believe that the best case scenario is when an employee is engaged in the job and committed to the organization. If an employee is only engaged, there is the distinct risk that they are not committed to the organization, and vice versa.

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The benefits of engaged employees

Engaged employees make additional effort, learn more, and faster, and are more creative

As an HR theme, engagement is a good indicator of customer satisfaction, retention, productivity and profitability. It takes committed and motivated employees to an even higher level, focusing on company goals and achieving the results that are expected of them.

Engagement enables your organization to deliver a superior performance and to gain a competitive advantage. Engaged employees make additional effort, learn more, and faster, and are more creative. In addition, engaged employees are your organization's ambassadors.

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Our global employee engagement surveys

Effectory's global employee engagement surveys provide you with an excellent insight into the level of engagement amongst your workforce. It shows you to what extent your employees are prepared to make that decisive extra effort. Our employee engagement surveys include:

Tailored engagement questionnaires

Gone are the days of standard surveys. Whilst we always use a number standard questions to measure and benchmark engagement, we offer all of our partners the possibility to tailor their engagement surveys.

Thorough engagement and commitment analysis

Our near 20 years of experience has allowed us to develop expert engagement and commitment analysis that is conveniently presented to you in your engagement survey reports.

A focus on bottom-up

We believe there's no use simply focusing on top management. Our employee engagement surveys are therefore designed and executed with the aim of helping you increase all of your employees' engagement.

Best practice sharing on how to increase your organization's engagement

From our extensive experience conducting employee engagement surveys, we provide our partners with easily accessible engagement tips and best practices.

Extensive engagement benchmarks

Weather you require country, industry or internal, our extensive database has the right benchmark for your engagement survey needs.

Practical action tooling

Our follow up action tooling makes it easy for you and your employees to take concrete action that is based on the engagement survey insights.

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