Finding the right employee engagement survey solutions

Whether you’re looking for flexible Pulse surveys, or ways to boost employee engagement through feedback, you need to know what to look for when searching for an employee engagement survey that will work for your organization. Finding the right survey solution with the right features will determine the success of your feedback program - from strategy and implementation to reporting and action planning.

Employee engagement versus employee commitment | Effectory

Types of engagement and commitment

To provide insight into the level of engagement and commitment within an organization, we categorise employees into four types: engaged and committed, engaged, committed and neither engaged nor committed. The four types differ in the following way:

  • Engaged and committed employees are both engaged in their work and committed to the organization. Employees love their work and the company they work for.
  • Engaged employees are engaged in their work, but not committed to the organization.
  • Committed employees are committed to the organization, but not engaged in their work.
  • Employees that are neither engaged nor committed are neither engaged in their work, nor committed to the organization.

We believe that the best case scenario is when an employee is engaged in the job and committed to the organization. If an employee is only engaged, there is the distinct risk that they are not committed to the organization, and vice versa.

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The benefits of engaged employees

Engaged employees make additional effort, learn more, and faster, and are more creative

As an HR theme, employee engagement is a good indicator of customer satisfaction, retention, productivity and profitability. It takes committed and motivated employees to an even higher level, focusing on company goals and achieving the results that are expected of them.

Engagement enables your organization to deliver a superior performance and to gain a competitive advantage. Engaged employees make additional effort, learn more, and faster, and are more creative. In addition, engaged employees are your organization's ambassadors.

What to look for when choosing an employee engagement survey

Avoid making costly mistakes by considering your organization’s needs against these essential aspects for any employee engagement survey solution:

1. Highly flexible survey solutions (from DIY to managed services)

We may be moving towards a point where AI understands your every need before you do, but right now your organization’s exact requirements cannot be squashed into a one-size-fits-all template. It would be wise to find a survey solution that can quickly and easily be tailored to your specific goals – even if that means including DIY software for teams, onboarding surveys for each new hire, as well as fully managed services for global benchmarking.
Find the right solution to strengthen your organization

2. Scalability

Many survey providers claim they can effortlessly roll out multinational implementations. Truth is, few can. Large organizations present complex needs, with everything from multicultural offices and agile high-speed teams to matrix structures and endless hierarchical layers. We've learned to anticipate the differing challenges of rolling out surveys for 25 000 employees across several locations compared with rolling out for 1000 employees in a single building. Ask for case stories of recent implementations at organizations of a similar size and structure.

3. Highest levels of data security and confidentiality

Whether you’re conducting entirely anonymous surveys or storing personal data for benchmarking, how your employee engagement survey solution uses and stores employee data must comply with GDPR’s stringent legal requirements. Look for software that safeguards privacy by design, which means confidentiality of your employees is really guaranteed. We pride ourselves in setting the industry standard for data protection. Effectory is ISO 27001 certified and we are fully GDPR compliant.

4. AI-driven reports for action planning

You can have the most comprehensive employee data in existence, but information without the steps needed to affect change is merely interesting insight. Then the hard work remains for you to figure out. A leading solution will help you manage the engagement initiative beyond the survey right through to taking action. Request reports that include advice for behavior changes (such as improving focus, well-being, teamwork, performance at grassroots) for every individual, not only leaders.

Our interactive reports contain some of the smartest algorithms available. Key-areas for improvement are instantly available at all levels – from guidance and how-to’s for individuals, to action planning tools, best practices and an online support database for teams and managers.

Benefits of Effectory's tech and touch approach

5. Global solutions, global benchmarks

Benchmarking within your organization across regions, against competitors or an entirely different industry can help you identify the gaps standing in the way of achieving the competitive advantage. Longitudinal benchmarks require years of continuous research, as well as insights in cultural and other differences at a global level. Going global also requires being able to speak to your people in their language. Requiring non-native speakers to engage in your survey in English is the fastest way to kill your response rate and hurt your results.

Effectory’s entire platform is available in 35 languages and we offer consistent global benchmarks across 56 countries in leading and emerging markets.

6. A user experience that increases response rates

User experience doesn’t begin and end with the tech approach of a survey solution. Your people will need a combination of software that is incredibly intuitive and easy to use in combination with the human side of understanding why they should facilitate the survey, what they’ll get out of it and how they can make a difference. Whether or not the tech is a good match for your people should be instantly evident from a short demo. The process of getting employee buy-in requires deliberate action and carefully executed steps.

We offer your managers and employees a tech and touch approach that is strategic and engaging. We’re at hand to help you create your strategy, and our questionnaires, reporting tools and action planning are all part of the fun. Your people will love working with them.

Checklist: Successfully gather feedback from your employees

The step-by-step guide to creating your employee engagement survey.


Our global employee engagement surveys

Effectory's global employee engagement surveys provide you with an excellent insight into the level of engagement amongst your workforce. It shows you to what extent your employees are prepared to make that decisive extra effort. Our employee engagement surveys include:

Tailored engagement questionnaires

Gone are the days of standard surveys. Whilst we always use a number standard questions to measure and benchmark engagement, we offer all of our partners the possibility to tailor their engagement surveys.

Thorough engagement and commitment analysis

Our near 20 years of experience has allowed us to develop expert engagement and commitment analysis that is conveniently presented to you in your engagement survey reports.

A focus on bottom-up

We believe there's no use simply focusing on top management. Our employee engagement surveys are therefore designed and executed with the aim of helping you increase all of your employees' engagement.

Best practice sharing on how to increase your organization's engagement

From our extensive experience conducting employee engagement surveys, we provide our partners with easily accessible engagement tips and best practices.

Extensive engagement benchmarks

Weather you require country, industry or internal, our extensive database has the right benchmark for your engagement survey needs.

Practical action tooling

Our follow up action tooling makes it easy for you and your employees to take concrete action that is based on the engagement survey insights.

Over and above all: an honest partner

We have been driven by the needs of our customers ever since our beginnings. Our goal is to under promise and over deliver so that our customers continue rating Effectory at 9/10. Being proudly independent, we focus on building long-term sustainable relationships with our customers and meeting their ever-changing and growing needs.

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