The Global Employee Engagement Index

The latest World Bank figures show that the global economy is recovering at a slower pace than expected. On the positive side,we are firmly out of the global recession and the economy has stabilised.

The Global Employee Engagement Index

Today's economy may be stable, but it moves at an unprecedented pace. The rise of technology, entrepreneurship and disruptive start-ups have changed the business landscape forever. To survive, companies need to be more agile and innovative than ever.

At the heart of agile and innovative organisations lie engaged and committed employees. Those organisations thriving in the present-day economic landscape have been able to harness the power of engagement and commitment and outperform their competition. Fundamental to their success has been the ability to create a solid basis for the two to flourish.

The good news is that Effectory's Global Employee Engagement Index study shows that worldwide, engagement and commitment levels have increased by 3.7% over the last two years.

Global Employee Engagement Index Volume 3

Effectory's global engagement index provides insight into global work trends, as well as insight into how businesses can drive employee engagement.


Despite the rise, global levels are still less than 30%. Part of the aim of Effectory's global study is to provide insight that can help businesses drive employee engagement and commitment. The study also aimed to uncover the basis of employee engagement, as well as discover why engaged and committed employees leave.

This report is the conclusion of Effectory's extensive study. A conscious decision has been made to share only the most relevant insights. Effectory collected vast amounts of data and in order to keep the report manageable, we have focused on macro rather than micro-trends.

Our hope is that the report offers a clear picture of the global work landscape and work trends. And further, it sheds light on how businesses can increase engagement and commitment levels. Would you like to play around with all the data yourself? Go to and take a look at each country's score for every HR theme you can think of!

About the study

The Global Employee Engagement Index is an extensive bi-annual employee survey conducted across 54 countries. Employees answer numerous questions related to their work, well-being, immediate manager, C-suite, organisation, colleagues, future and role.

The aim of the survey is for Effectory to better understand the global work and engagement trends, and for these insights to be shared with professionals all around the world. Alongside this, the Global Employee Engagement Index also acts as a comprehensive survey benchmark for businesses. In particular, businesses benefit from the fact that the Global Index solves the dependency that organisations currently have on reference company benchmarks. It does this by ensuring the data remains accurate and a uniform point of reference for the entire survey journey.

Specifically, the Index:

  • Removes any risk of companies switching their supplier
  • Removes any risk if companies change their questionnaire
  • Removes any risk of suppliers or companies closing their operations in a country
  • Ensures there is an available country benchmark

Over the years Effectory has seen how numerous businesses and research institutes around the world have discovered the value of a consistent database. The Global Employee Engagement Index has proven to be an accurate source of information that helps companies to understand the differences in workplace cultures between countries
and continents.

Furthermore, as more and more companies experience issues with industry benchmarks (including benchmark volatility, differing locations and differing questionnaires), there is a growing recognition of the importance of understanding the cultural differences between countries. For businesses, the real added value comes from comparing the results of their different locations to the local labour market averages. Doing so enables them to single out cultural differences and really see how units are performing, without the risk of poor and inaccurate comparisons.

Free Report: Global Employee Engagement

Effectory's global engagement index provides insight into global work trends, as well as insight into how businesses can drive employee engagement.