Effectory International's Employee Survey

Nik Penhale Smith

Effectory International’s most comprehensive employee survey, provides a complete and accurate view of your organisation. Whether this is per company, business unit or team, it enables you to monitor the state of all the important HR factors at every level. These factors include employee engagement, leadership, employee commitment, productivity, absenteeism, customer orientation and more. You are given the opportunity to gain valuable insight into your organisation, from the perspective of your own employees.

Thorough analysis

The employee survey gives you an insight into all the drivers that influence your organisational performance. One team might struggle with their workload, while another may be coping with bad leadership. By working on the right drivers, you will see that your employees’ attitudes, opinions and performance improve across the board.

The starting point of the employee survey is having the right human resources in order to perform optimally. Secondly, your employees should be willing to go the extra mile, and finally, they should be facilitated to work effectively and efficiently. An employee survey thoroughly analyses all the drivers that contribute to a high-performance organisation.

We will show you how you scored on each factor at an organisational and business unit level. Your scores will be compared with the internal and external benchmarks of your choice. As Europe’s market leader in employee surveys, Effectory can offer different benchmarks.

Moreover, the employee survey indicates what is positively or negatively impacting each factor, making it easy for you to determine what action to take. The result? The success of your business will improve significantly.

It is also possible to conduct an employee survey in multiple countries. Benchmark your employee survey results with other countries and/or continents across the world. Read more about the possibilities of our Global Employee Engagement IndexTM.

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