Engagement is transforming in 2022

Marlies Pellikaan

Since it’s popularization just over 30 years ago, the concept of employee engagement has helped organizations refer to and track the degree to which employees are inspired and energized by their role and their work environment. In order for a workforce to maintain a high level of engagement, it’s critical that employees have a strong connection with their organization.

Engagement is transforming in 2022

Why engagement is so important 

Effectory’s globe-striding research, based on data from millions of responses, demonstrates that employees’ psychological connection with their work and organization are strongly intertwined. They are two equally crucial and complementary parts which should be focused on simultaneously.  

At Effectory, we are committed not only to what constitutes engagement but also to what causes engagement – and the effects that high engagement rates have on organizations and teams. We have been dedicated to understanding and boosting engagement ever since we first began helping HR teams and organizations all over the world collect and analyze employee feedback. 

Our research demonstrates that engagement is intimately linked to the extent to which employees feel empowered and motivated to help their organization succeed. Engagement also coincides with other positive metrics. Engaged employees:   

  • experience 34% better enablement to perform their tasks in the best way they can 
  • are 46% more likely to report that they intend to continue working in their organizations   
  • are 45% more satisfied with their employers

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Defining engagement in 2022 

From 2022, we will be addressing both work (meaning daily tasks) and organization domains together, and will conceptualize Engagement as follows: 

“Engagement is the degree to which employees are inspired and energized by their work and experience a positive connection with their work environment. Engaged employees experience their work as meaningful and rewarding, are proud of their jobs, and feel that they fit in at the organization. They can go the extra mile because they love what they do and where they work.” 

This new conceptual framework allows Effectory to simplify and clarify our calculations. Tracking engagement through our platform is as reliable as ever, only it’s now more transparent and straightforward than ever before. 

One of the ways we have made tracking engagement more effective is by refining and optimizing the number of questions we ask. This means that managers and HR will spend less time composing and employees spend less time filling out a survey, but everyone will still receive credible, reliable data

Keep track of engagement through Effectory’s employee feedback platform 

Engagement is a great predictor of productivity, success, and having a healthy work environment. For those reasons many organizations use engagement as a KPI on their human capital.  

We’ve built our platform to give managers, HR and the C-suite instant access to essential, actionable data and insights. Our ability to do this has only increased thanks to this recent change to our approach to measuring engagement. 

Next to showing you an engagement score, Effectory’s platform continues to categorize employees based on their level of engagement. On the Effectory platform, the engagement score will be presented as a KPI, showing both the score and how many employees (by percentage) are in the three categories. 

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Embrace the power of engagement 

The power of feedback lies in the insights it provides to inform change and innovation. This process of collecting and acting on employee feedback positively impacts the engagement and commitment of your people.  

And it’s because we believe in the power of feedback that this change has taken place. Customer feedback suggested that the separate constructs of engagement and commitment were not always easy to understand.  

Our goal is to make sure users understand what engagement and commitment mean and how they impact an organization, teams, and individuals. By bringing these two concepts into one measurement, we erase this complication, making our customers’ data analysis more effective.  

In addition to understanding what engagement and commitment mean, it is crucial to know what you can do to impact them. Having one “super-theme” that encompasses both engagement and commitment allows for new insights and deep-dives that will help you to learn what drives engagement, and where the biggest risks for disengagement are, including the risk of people leaving, or people feeling unmotivated by their tasks. 

Want to find out more? Learn how feedback and engagement can drive your business into the future today. Get in touch with us, we’re excited to hear from you. 

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