Let’s meet at #UNLEASH18 HR Tech World London

Bronwyn Wainwright

UNLEASH HR Tech is the leading platform for global talent experts to discuss technological disruptions and the impact on the organization and employees. Listening to the voice of the employee, building trust, engagement and commitment is the only competitive advantage to positively impact business success. Want to know more? Read on.

It’s happening at HR Tech World London

UNLEASH HR Tech World is one of the best international HR conferences to attend if you’re looking to network with those in the know about disruptive HR ideas, technology and industry trends.

The show brings impressive speakers to the stage such as Jonas Kjellberg, the co-creator of Skype and Bruce Daisley Twitter’s VP EMEA. On the ground, it presents the opportunity for HR experts to

  • find the right employee feedback solutions for their organization
  • learn about new developments to ensure talent engagement
  • discover the most effective ways to enhance your employee journey

Be there 

A team of Effectorians will be attending HR Tech London on 20 and 21 March and we’d love to meet you there. If you’d like to shake up your organization with the latest in employee feedback solutions, let us know. 

We’re looking forward to conversations around the shift from AI doomdsday to reskilling the workforce, giving employees a voice, as well as successful digital transformation strategies. What’s on your list of priorities?

Feel free to connect with Arjen Swank, Merel van der Lei, Mike Shulmeister, or Bronwyn Wainwright and perhaps we can arrange a coffee meeting.

Disrupt the future of work

Speakers at HR Tech London will also be exploring topics such the need for ambidextrous and empathetic leadership. On the other hand, we argue that organizational de-structuring and removing traditional leadership hierarchies is the ultimate future of work.

Why? Because we believe employees are the real superheroes. They are the ones armed with the best ideas and insights to push your organization to the next level of growth and success. 

Are you curious about improving your organization from within? We’d love to meet you. If you already know what you want, take a look at our Employee Feedback Suite.

Let’s talk about employee feedback

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