Merger/acquisition survey

Axel Schiphof

Merger/acquisition survey

Two thirds of mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver expected returns; this can be largely attributed to inadequate cultural integration. The success of a merger or takeover depends largely on the degree of commitment, cooperation and communication between the people working at the merging organisations.

Merger/acquisition survey

Vital insights

An Effectory International employee survey provides you with vital insights into how the’ levels of employee commitment and employee engagement are affected by a merger or takeover.

It is an excellent tool to measure where resistance is likely to occur, or is occurring, and to show which departments, business units or employees need specific attention.

An employee survey is also an excellent way of communicating to your employees that you value their opinion and input. After a merger or takeover, an employee survey is crucial in determining, as well as celebrating, the success of the change.

Effectory has been involved with some of the largest mergers and takeovers. In these cases, employee surveys were regarded as the most important source of management information available before, during, and post merger.

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