What is employee experience?

The employee experience is hot. The term is increasingly used and is the latest trend in HR circles. A quick show of hands makes evident that not all HR professionals truly know what employee experience means. We outline what employee experience is, and what it means to HR professionals everywhere.

What is employee experience?

Happy employees, happy clients

Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. This is a well-known quote from Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group.

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Rightly so, he finds it unbelievable that many organizational strategies no longer focus on the well-being of their employees. Because in his opinion, happy employees equal happy clients. An unhappy employee can have damaging effects to the reputation of their organization, for every customer they speak to.

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The sum of experiences

Happy employees are so important to the success as an organization. It's the simple reasoning that explains the popularity of the concept of employee experience. It creates a win-win situation.

The employee experience is the sum of all the experiences gained by an employee in an organization, from arrival to departure. Several international studies indicate that employee experience has become a real trend. For example, Deloitte published that nearly 80 percent of CEOs indicate employee experience currently very important. About 20 percent of those CEOs also manage to achieve a positive employee experience. 

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Build a positive employee experience

To build a positive employee experience, you can take some steps:

  • Determine which experiences are important to your employees. The organizational culture, the feeling of belonging to something? Clear goals? Completion from work? An integral contribution to society? Knowledge on these subjects leave their mark on the overall experience.
  • Find out how these topics are affected. Are employees mostly positive or not? Why or why not? What sorts of things are within your reach to achieve?
  • Involve your employees in thinking about improvements. In addition to stimulating a more active attitude of your employees, it also provides a wealth of information.

Shared responsibility

An employee survey can help you chart your employee experience. Improving together is the philosophy behind researching the topic. The responsibility for this is shared; both the teams and management are responsible for a positive employee experience. This will make your entire organization more successful.

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