Why you need to keep your finger on the pulse of employee engagement

Axel Schiphof

Prevention is better than cure – we all know this, which is why you probably already use some form of wearable tech to keep track of your own health. But what about the health of your organization? Continuously check your organization’s heartbeat using employee engagement surveys.

Why you need to keep your finger on the pulse of employee engagement

Monitoring your organization’s heart beat in terms of employee engagement and team performance is vital, particularly for large multinationals. You want to know what’s going on in all layers of the organization, when the information is still relevant and actionable.

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You need a quick and easy way to track employee engagement. In turn, the insights you get should reveal how well your business is performing – and what changes need to be made to keep it at optimal performance levels.

But keeping tabs on your organizational heartbeat requires smarter, more advanced tech that helps you listen to the voice of your employees. 

Listen to employee feedback

Engaged employees contribute to organizational success. The more engaged employees, the more productive they are, less likely they are to be absent or leave your organization, and more profitable they are for your organization.

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Make employee feedback a regular exercise

Introducing feedback as a regular exercise creates a healthy company culture, one which employees can appreciate and can truly connect with, one in which employees feel a sense of ownership and belonging.

Keeping your finger on the pulse by listening to what your employees think about their work, their team and your business can help your organization make any changes needed to attain superior performance and gain a competitive advantage. Continuous feedback will ensure that you’re able to pinpoint concerns as they arise, not once the damage has been done.

It’s time to ditch the annual survey and make feedback an continuous process that reveals insights into employee engagement.   

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