Index benefits

How can Effectory’s Global Employee Engagement Index benefit your organisation?

In choosing to partner and conduct an employee survey with Effectory International, your organisation will be able to enjoy significant benefits from our Global Employee Engagement Index™ benchmarking tool. These include:

  • Comparison of each of your country branches with their national benchmark
  • Employee survey results analysis that accounts for cultural differences
  • The option to Compare with 17 different HR variables (including employee engagement and employee commitment)
  • Country by country employee comparison factsheets
  • Regularly updated
  • User friendly and interactive benchmarking technology
  • Reporting available in 37 different languages

Furthermore, the data for the benchmark is consistent, and based on a representative labour market scan in every country. As a result, the data remains accurate and a uniform point of reference for the entire survey journey. Specifically, the Global Employee Engagement Index solves your dependency on other reference companies by:

  •           Removing any risk of companies switching their supplier
  •           Removes any risk if companies change their questionnaire
  •           Removes any risk of suppliers or companies closing their operations in a country
  •           Ensuring there is an available country benchmark

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