4 essential HR lessons from expert interviews

Marlies Pellikaan

Those at the forefront of HR transformation present the trends defining the field. With Effectory’s series of webinars with experts – and their essential insights – you can refine your method of harnessing the power of your people.

4 essential HR lessons from expert interviews

Organizations around the world are fully utilizing the incredible potential of employee listening. Getting feedback from your people and acting on their insights has been proven to increase engagement and boost performance. 

So what do some of our expert guests have to say about HR in the age of feedback? Read on, as we run through the top 4 learnings from our recent webinar series.  

Before listening to your people, check your feedback maturity 

Effectory’s Chief Product Officer is very clear: a high performing employee listening landscape relies on a certain level of feedback maturity. 

Feedback maturity is the capabilities organizations have to learn from and act on feedback. If you don’t have a high level of maturity, you may not see the full benefits of a survey project. 

Before performing a survey, it is worth asking:  

  • How will surveys reach employees? 
  • What questions need to be asked? 
  • Does the organization have the in-house experience, willingness and resources to act on feedback? 

Of course, every organization needs to start somewhere. If you’re unsure about your position, it’s worth talking with one of our consultants to find out how exactly you can take those first steps to building an employee listening landscape. 

We’ve gone from adaptation to transformation 

2020 was full of surprises and, unsurprisingly, left many unsure as to what was to happen next. In this context, a lot of organizations worked reactively to the issues popping up on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

But being reactive isn’t the best way to be, however, especially if a business wants to grow. That’s why, in 2021, many businesses took the initiative and transitioned to embracing the disruption and thinking about what transformations they could bring to life. These were often to increase innovation, engagement, and product development.  

Tom Haak talked about exactly this in his “11 HR Trends You Need to Know” webinar. Tom is a HR expert with experience in countless organizations. He is also the director of the HR Trend Institute and is the Chief Curator of the Museum of HR. 

Whitepaper: Hybrid working is the new normal

How are you preparing your company for the changes ahead? Tuning into the needs of your workforce will be vital to compete effectively in the post-COVID world.


Transformation will remain an important part of business development, especially as organizations seek to get more sustainable and inclusive. Transformation can often be unsettling to employees, who feel left behind or without role clarity.  

A HR strategy that keeps employees engaged through a feedback process that leads to change is on of the best ways an organization can ensure that their employees are not only included in any transformation but can also help to lead it.

Business success isn’t only about the numbers 

Organizational psychologist and writer Kilian Wawoe has spent a lot of time researching organizations and how they measure success. In his webinar about performance management, he reminded us that “business should not only be measured only by finance.”  

This isn’t only true because it’s good to do, it’s also becoming increasingly more necessary. In Europe, for example, legislation is widening the net of organizations which must produce yearly corporate social responsibility reports. 

As part of these reports, concerns about inclusion, an organization’s relationship with its people and the wider world, and how committed employees feel their employer is to a sustainable transformation will be incredibly useful. 

As Kilian says, “ask people how they can help the business to thrive,” promise to help them thrive in return, and you’ll create a collaborative mindset and atmosphere, digging into peoples’ intrinsic motivation to do better. 

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Building a great employee experience requires managers know their people 

Heleen Mes is an employee experience expert and part of the HappinessBureau. Like Effectory, she’s dedicated to thinking about how to improve the working lives of people around the world.  

In her webinar, Heleen talked about the best practices for designing an excellent employee experience. She suggests building personas of employees, and getting to know them better, so managers can make more informed decisions regarding their people when making business decisions. She says: “These days you really have to learn about your employees better.” 

One of the best ways to achieve people driven innovation this is by performing surveys where managers can collect feedback directly from employees. This is an important part of, as Heleen says, achieving “high performance and instilling a culture of diversity and inclusion.”  

Business growth shouldn’t only be about building the new, but also building better. Embracing the power of people and having a bottom-up design process when it comes to organizational management, is a fantastic way to ensure that your organization is engaging employees and providing them with a high-quality experience at work. 

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