More than an employee survey - Effectory’s feedback survey tools

Suzanne Mancini

Collecting feedback that covers the entire employee experience. Are you doing this already? And, are you familiar with the tools Effectory offers for feedback survey’s besides an employee survey?

More than an employee survey – Effectory’s feedback tools

Today we’ll provide you with an update of all our feedback survey products. But first, what exactly is the employee experience? In a previous update we showed you that this is the total of all important moments during an employee’s time spent at an organization. These crucial moments differ per industry or organization, but always include the employee’s onboarding, progress, promotion, and exit.

Gathering feedback throughout the entire employee journey

Feedback survey to hear your employee’s in every phase

Employees are great at noticing what’s going well and what needs improving in your organization. From the moment they apply, start their job, work together in teams, are confronted with important themes, help customers, make promotion, until they leave your organization. Asking them for feedback and ideas on how to improve at all these different moments, enables you to refine your business!

Employee experience in 3 easy steps

Learn the best ways to improve the employee experience in your organization with these 3 easy-to-follow tips! Get your copy today!

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Our feedback survey offer:

  • Onboarding survey. Continuously improve your onboarding, make employees feel part of the business in no-time, and prevent unnecessary turnover.
  • Employee survey.  Make use of employee input to improve agility, innovation and customer-orientation. This way, you remain an attractive employer.
  • Theme survey. Zoom in on specific themes like commitment, engagement, leadership and sustainable deployment.
  • Pulse survey. Collect feedback whenever you feel it is necessary to improve, without too much hassle. Create your own survey, for the entire organization or selected teams.
  • Exit survey. Put the experiences of employees that are leaving to use. Improve your business and reduce future employee turnover.

Why Effectory for your employee feedback survey?

We help you improve your organization from within, by using employee feedback survey’s and insights. Employees are eager to contribute and appreciate being heard and seeing their ideas turned into actions. This is a wonderful and precise job, that Effectory understands like no other. We strive to make organizations more agile, more innovative and more fun to work for. In case you are not completely convinced yet, these are the benefits of conducting surveys together with Effectory:

  • Customized solutions that focus on your question or problem
  • One platform for all your feedback-tools
  • Useful apps that you can utilize straight away
  • Global and industry-specific benchmarks
  • Extensive possibilities for international rollout
  • ISO certified, your data is safe with us
  • When the survey is completed, our trainers are ready to help you maximize impact with some great workshops!

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