Effectory's of the 2018 employee engagement trends

The latest Global Employee Engagement Index™ shows that worldwide, employee engagement and commitment levels continue to rise slowly, with an increase of just 4% over the last four years. What does this mean for the global workplace? Learn more from our latest report.

Employee Engagement trends in 2018 - Effectory

At the heart of agile and innovative organisations are engaged and committed employees.

Organisations thriving in the current hyper-competitive global economy are those that are harnessing the power of engagement to outperform their competitors.

In compiling the results of Effectory's latest extensive study, a conscious decision was made to share only the most relevant insights. Our data scientists collected vast amounts of data and in order to keep the report poignant and useful, we have focused on macro rather than micro-trends. 

Understand the global workplace

If you would like to know more about the current state of engagement and commitment in organizations worldwide. Download the latest report in the whitepaper Insights into Employee Engagement & CommitmentLearn more about:

  • The difference between engagement and commitment
  • Engagement and commitment in the global workplace
  • The four pillars of employee engagement
  • The eNPS and why it matters

Download the Global Employee Engagement Index™

A comprehensive overview of employee engagement with benchmarks from 57 countries with essential lessons for your HR strategy .


About the Index

The Global Employee Engagement Index™ is an extensive bi-annual employee survey conducted across 56 countries with over 18 000 respondents. Employees answer numerous questions related to engagement including workplace, well-being, alignment to organizational goals, leadership, colleagues, future intentions and role clarity. The Index has proven to be a relevant and accurate source of information that helps organizations to understand the differences in the workplace across countries and continents.

It provides a comprehensive benchmark for multinationals and solves the dependency that organisations currently have on reference company benchmarks. It does this by ensuring the data remains accurate and a uniform point of reference for the entire survey journey.

Pulse survey

Do you want to gather actionable feedback on specific topics? Tap into employee insights to grow, change or improve your organization.

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Medium to large organizations use the Global Employee Engagement Index™ benchmarking tool for:

  • Comparing engagement scores across different regions and countries.
  • Concise and accurate reporting that is available in 37 languages.
  • Gaining useful analytical insight into 21 HR themes.
  • Consistent longitudinal data due to the Index being consistently conducted since 2012.